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Alaska Highway
Muhammad Idrees, Management of Highway in Permafrost

Muhammad Idrees, Permafrost Test Site - Beaver Creek

Climate Change Impact & Adaptation of Nunavik Transportation Infrastructures and Northern villages : From R & D to Application
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Construction materials for cold regions

Denis Beaulieu, Structural Aluminum in Nordic Regions
Alan Carter, Low Temperature Behaviour of Bituminous Materials
Luc Chouinard, Flexible Decision Analysis Procedures for Optimizing the Sustainability of Infrastructures under Climate Chance

Freezing Tests ISSMGE-TC-216
Ministère des Transposrts, Frost action and Pavement design

Inuvik Tuktoyaktuk Highway (ITH)
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Northem Transportation Adaptation Initiative
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Pavement design in colds regions

Denis St-Laurent, Mechanistic pavement design against frost heave in Quebec
Kjell Arne Skoglund, Frost design for the Norwegian road network
Johan Ullberg, Swedish Frost Design System and the road to the future

Sentinel North
Georg Lackner, Evaluation of the ISBA-Crocus soil-snow surface model in the subarctic tundra using in situ observations